This section of the Performance website contains all documents that Performance players will need to complete and keep a copy in their training folders during the season.

Athlete Training Log: Players are required to complete these on a daily basis to monitor their training and competitions hours/workloads as well as their pre-training state. These will be randomly checked at sessions throughout the season.

Player Goals: Players will be required to complete their development and performance goals (the templates below) twice a year, once at the beginning of September and then at the end of February. Players shouls keep a copy of these goals in their training folders.

Tournament Reviews: Once players have competed in a weekend tournament there will be require to fill in the form below and hand to the Head Coach for discussion of their performance, to help learn from these experiences. A separate match review sheet is required for each separate tournament during the year.

Player Profiling: Whilst players will be physically profiled during the fitness tests, and technically evaluated during the player reviews, players will be required to complete the mental and lifestyle testing sheets 3-4 times per season as asked to by the Head Coach. Players will then be given targets or areas to work on, which will aim to add to their performance.

Player Claim Form: Players who pay a club fee by standing order for sessions at the weekend are now entitled to claim their £6 back if they miss a club session due to their attendance at a tournament. Below is the claim form which they must complete and can submit quarterly to Nick (Chairman) to authorise and process a cheque.