Queens Performance Centre

This section of the website is dedicated to the Performance Centre, with training information and resources accessible to players. The Performance Centre aims to identify talented young badminton players from across the county area to offer them an environment and support which will enable them to develop their skills and maximise their potential.

The Performance Centre has benefitted from the support of Badminton England, in securing £30,000 over a three year period to establish a performance pathway which can help progress players from club, to county, to national/international level.

Performance Pathway

The performance pathway aims to identify and select potential talented individuals who may be able to compete at national/international level. The club pathway is for all players and provides alternative competitive and development opportunities. Players are able to move between the club and performance pathways depending upon their progress.

The performance pathway aims to provide;

  • A talent identification system within the area, whereby talented individuals are given the opporunity to access the performance centre and develop
  • Quality coaching to the performance players
  • 3/4 hours a week of on-court training per player
  • Player fitness testing and physical profiling
  • Player management (tournament/training plans and goal setting)
  • A coach mentoring system
  • Encourage Continuing Professional Development amongst its coaches
  • Links to the Exeter Performance Centre and Devon County Badminton Association


Code of Conduct – Player/Coach Agreement

Coaches Code of Conduct:

  • Professionalism – maintain a smart appearance, display 100% commitment and enthusiasm to create a good role model.
  • Safety – create a safe, effective and child protected environment for coaching
  • No discrimination – treat all player equally and with respect
  • Player-Centred – adopt a player-centred approach to maximise training opportunities
  • Time Management – get the most out of sessions
  • Continual Professional Development – actively undertake CPD activities to improve knowledge and delivery
  • Consistently use the plan, do, review coaching framework
  • Communication – promote open channels of communication and remain approachable to players

Players Code of Conduct:

  • Be Prepared – arrive at training on time with the correct kit, a drinks bottle and an updated training diary
  • Discipline – maintain appropriate standards of behaviour and respect towards their peers and coaches
  • Effort/Commitment – always give 100% effort, commitment and show a desire to develop and succeed
  • Communication – maintain open channels of communication with the coaching team. Non-attendance and explanation must be communicated prior to the session