On Saturday 16th April Queens A team played in the Premiership match of the East Devon Junior Badminton League at Cranford. Unfortunately Chumleigh had dropped out at short notice and Queens had several players at Milton Keynes at the national badminton schools finals. However this did not deter Queens from putting up a great fight against the quality Cranford team. 
After the singles matches Queens had pulled ahead with some great performances from Ben Hussey, Nick Jones, Learna Herkes, Amy Housley, Callum Parker, Meg Gibb and Bronya Pike.  Queens kept up the pressure in the level doubles and then took it to a win in the mixed doubles. The final score was 306 to 261 points.
Nick Masson said “The side we put out was full of very determined players and every single one brought their A game to the table. It was great to watch the match unfold with such great wins across the board.”